Rembrandt’s Round (€ 15,00 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours

Rembrandt Tour Amsterdam

Everybody knows Rembrandt, the most famous painter from the Dutch golden age. Rembrandt van Rijn was born in the city of Leiden, but moved to Amsterdam in 1631 to become the famous painter as he now is remembered. Your guide will take you trough the city to visit different historical sites that were important in Rembrandt’s life and work. You will see his More Details..

High Tea Tour (€ 35.00 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours, Day Programmes

High Tea Arrangement in Amsterdam

Our High Tea tour starts in the middle of the city centre of Amsterdam, at Beursplein. Our guide will lead you trough the city and tell you all the inside stories, show you the most beautiful sites and tell you the most interesting anecdotes. You can choose whether you’ll be taken to the cosy Jordaan area, of the famous red-light district. After all this walking our guide will lead you to an historical site, where you’ll enjoy a delicious high tea, and end ... More Details..

Walking Dinner Amsterdam (€ 60,00 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours, Evening Programmes

Walking Dinner Amsterdam

    The ' Hap en Stap Tour', our walking dinner tour, is the ideal night programme in Amsterdam, where you and your companions combine good food with a stroll around the city. During this culinary programme our professional guide will lead you trough the ‘Jordaan’ en the old city centre/ red-light district. You will be taken to three fantastic restaurants where More Details..

The Jordaan Walk (€ 12,50 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours

Jordaan tour in Amsterdam

Let our guide take you to the most –sung-about area of Amsterdam: the Jordaan! This walk will take you along the highlights of this former working-class area. Discover the most beautiful court yard, brown café’s and typical people. While you stroll along the canals of this neighbourhood, your guide will tell you all about the history of the Jordaan: the famous folk-song singers, the riots in this area and other More Details..

Best of Both Worlds (€ 19,50 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours

Rondleiding Jordaan - Rondleiding Rosse Buurt - Amsterdam

If you find it hard to choose between a stroll trough the Jordaan area, and a walk around the red-light district, why not do both? This three-hour walk that combines both area’s is one of our customers favourites! The programme starts with a walk trough the Jordaan area, the most sung-about neighbourhood of Amsterdam. Your guide will tell you interesting stories and anecdotes about this remarkable area and it’s inhabitants. After an hour or so, your guide will take you for a stop ... More Details..

Courtyard walk (€ 12,50 p.p. incl.VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours

Hofjes Wandeling Amsterdam

This walk will take you through the most beautiful courtyards of Amsterdam. Particularly the Jordaan area is known for the many courtyards. These courtyards are a typical Dutch finding. They were built between the 14th and 18th century, as housing for the poor, or elderly people from a specific religion. There are still around 200 of these courtyards in the Netherlands, 47 of them are in the Jordaan erea! Your guide will take you into the peace and quietness of these courtyards and ... More Details..

Red Light District Tour (€ 12,50 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours

Wallen tour in Amsterdam

This walk will take you trough the most mysterious and exciting area of Amsterdam! Your guide will take you along the windows and all the famous spots in the red-light district: Banana bar, Old Church, Casa Rosso, Mouling Rouge, Chinatown, the Schreierstower and café the Old Sailor. Of course you will make a stop to have a drink in a typical Amsterdam brown café! Included: * 1 or 2 café stops (your choice) * Professional guide * Our guarantee to a great day! More Details..

Amsterdam Pub Crawl (€ 15.00 p.p incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours, Bachelor(ette)

Pubcrawl Amsterdam

Is you are looking for a great night out in a real Amsterdam atmosphere, don’t hesitate and book our Amsterdam pub tour! Your guide will take you along al the famous Amsterdam brown cafes, known for the folk songs, in Dutch ‘Smartlappen’. You will go to café Bolle Jan (fat John) café Nol and café Peter Beense, all well known in the Netherlands for the good music and great atmosphere! (drinks excluded) Min. particpants 8 Duration: 2 hours Price: € 15.00 p.p. (incl.VAT)  Book Online More Details..