Rembrandt’s Round (€ 15,00 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours

Rembrandt Tour Amsterdam

Everybody knows Rembrandt, the most famous painter from the Dutch golden age. Rembrandt van Rijn was born in the city of Leiden, but moved to Amsterdam in 1631 to become the famous painter as he now is remembered. Your guide will take you trough the city to visit different historical sites that were important in Rembrandt’s life and work. You will see his More Details..

Bachelor(ette) package (from 10 p.)

Dagje Amsterdam Bachelor(ette)

Vrijgezellenuitje in Amsterdam

When you’re planning on getting married, you will face some severe diminishing of freedom, so on your bachelor(ette) event you’ll need to experience that for one last time. And where would you find a better place to do that than Amsterdam? Our bachelor(ette) package includes all the little naughty pleasures Amsterdam has to offer: a walk trought the red-light district, a funny photo shoot behind the windows and a three-course theatre diner on one of the More Details..

X-Factor Talent workshop (incl. cd)

Dagje Amsterdam Bachelor(ette), Workshops

Have you got the x-factor Amsterdam

Have you got the x-factor? We believe everyone has, if you look at the right place! Discover your singing talent in this workshop and record you own songs on cd! Under our professional guidance no one ever failed! The workshop stars with a warming up, combined with a nice drink. After that we will divide the singing parts, put on the headphones and start singing! Who will discover his own x-factor and become the new Robbie Williams or Kylie Minogue? During this workshop ... More Details..

Pole-dancing Workshop Amsterdam

Dagje Amsterdam Bachelor(ette), Workshops

Paaldans Workshop Amsterdam

Pole dancing is an intensive sport and also a lot of fun. Special Tours offers you a two-hour pole-dancing workshop, very suitable for bachelorette and girlfriend activities in Amsterdam! You will be welcomed with a glass of champagne. After that your instructor will take the lead in the warming-up, and teach you all the basics of the pole dancing art. Of course there is time to show off your skills to each other! This workshop is suitable for both men and women. TIP* Shorts ... More Details..

Cocktail Workshop Amsterdam

Dagje Amsterdam Workshops

Cocktail Workshop Amsterdam

Always wanted to look like Tom Cruise in cocktail? In this workshop you will learn the art of cocktails shaking. Surprise your friends and family with your new skills! This two-hour workshop teaches you all the necessary skills in an intimate atmosphere. After a shirt demonstration you will receive your own twelve steps to turn you in to a real bartender! More Details..

Murder on the dinner table (from 10 p.)

Dagje Amsterdam Evening Programmes

Murder Diner Amsterdam

This dinner starts in an authentic restaurant in Amsterdam. Your group will settle in, all comfortable, preparing for a lovely and culinary evening, until our detective enters the room. Murder has been committed en the assassin is one of your guests! To make things even worse, the body is still in the restaurant. No one expected this, but action is required to solve this case as soon as possible! The group will be divided in teams to solve this mystery, while enjoying a ... More Details..

Teambuilding Jordaan Style (€ 18,50 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Treasure Hunt

Group activity Amsterdam

Our teambuilding programme Jordaan style is the perfect activity for your group of co-workers, friends or family. Connecting in one of the most beautiful area’s of Amsterdam, you won’t miss a spot during this three-hour treasure hunt! Your group will be divided in teams of maximum eight, and these teams will be set up with a programme book, quest form and More Details..

Snooping in the Red-light (€ 18,50 p.p. incl. VAT.)

Dagje Amsterdam Treasure Hunt

Wallen Oude Centrum Puzzeltocht in Amsterdam

If you are looking for an original treasure hunt for your colleagues, family or friends, then book our ‘Snooping in the red-light’ tour! This treasure hunt will lead you to the mysteries of the red-light district! You will be welcomed at the Beurs van Berlage, a huge landmark; only five minutes walk from central station. The group will be divided in teams and set up with More Details..

The Small Bike Experience (€ 19,50 p.p. incl. btw.)

Dagje Amsterdam Bike Tours

Bike Tour Amsterdam

This tour is the smaller version off our Big Bike Experience, and will take you along Amsterdams highlight in two hours instead of three. your guide will give you a warm welcome at the Beursplein for the best bike tour of Amsterdam. During this tour you will cycle along the beautiful canals, the Jordaan area, Vondelpark, PC Hooftstraat, Museum square and the red-light district. Your guide will make sure there’s time enough to make a stop at every one of these beautiful landmarks ... More Details..

Step Up Hunt! (€ 25,00 p.p. incl. btw.)

Dagje Amsterdam Bike Tours

Treasure Hunt Amsterdam

   This is something you have definitely never done before! Get on a kick-bike and take a tour trough the old city centre of Amsterdam. Go on a treasure hunt and grab the prize. Step up! You will be welcomed at the Beurs van Berlage, a huge landmark; only five minutes walk from central station. The group will be divided in teams and set up with some kick bikes, and off they go in a search to find out all the mysteries of this ... More Details..