Bike Battle Amsterdam (€ 25,00 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Bike Tours, Treasure Hunt

Puzzeltocht Amsterdam Speurtocht Amsterdam

Looking for a challenging en and teambuilding activity? With your co-workers, family or friends? Don’t look any further and book our Bike Battle! Your will be welcomed at the Beurs van Berlage, a huge landmark, only five minutes walk from central station. Your group will be divided in teams and set up with some bikes, and off they go in a search to find out all the mysteries of this beautiful city. The Bike Battle will take you along the red-light district and ... More Details..

Bicycle Fun (from 8 p.)

Dagje Amsterdam Bike Tours

Bike Tour Amsterdam

This programme is a combination of a sporty bike ride and a tour trough the red-light district is definitely going to make you sweat! Our team will welcome you on the Damrak, the main street that leads from central station right into the city centre. We take the bike, and cruise along the cycling paths of the city. The tour will bring you along some special and historical sites, such as: Anne Frank’s house, Noordermarkt, Lindengracht, Johnny Jordaanplein, Westerchurch, the canals and ... More Details..

Hot hot hot! Programme (from 25 p.)

Dagje Amsterdam Day Programmes, Evening Programmes

Day Programme Amsterdam

    Looking for a complete day programme for your group? A day full of fun activities, completed with lunch and dinner? Book our Hot hot hot! Programme now! This entertaining day start at the heart of the old city-centre, the Beursplein, only 2 min. walk form the Central Station. After an introduction to the day by one of our guides, we will form teams of max. 8 people to do some treasure hunting in the red-light district. The teams will find their way trough ... More Details..

The Full Monty (from 15 persons)

Dagje Amsterdam Day Programmes

Treasure Hunt Amsterdam

Are you looking for a complete day programme? Take ‘the full monty’ in consideration. A combination of treasure hunting, lunch and a singing workshop. 11:00 - 14:00: Treasure hunt in the red-light district. Get out your inner Sherlock Holmes and start searching for clues. In teams of 8 (max.) you’re about to discover the secrets of the red-light district. Who finds More Details..

Enjoy Amsterdam Tour (from € 55.00 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Day Programmes

Canal Cruise Amsterdam - High Tea- Tour

This is where you find the real Amsterdam pampering. A complete day- programme: a canal cruise, high tea and a walk trough the famous Jordaan area. 13:00 - 14:00 cruise trough the canals of Amsterdam If you visit Amsterdam, you can’t leave without cruising our beautiful canals! 14:15 - 15:45 Stylish High Tea You will enjoy our special high tea on a great historical site; the Warmoesstraat. In an old storehouse you More Details..

High Tea Tour (€ 35.00 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Walking Tours, Day Programmes

High Tea Arrangement in Amsterdam

Our High Tea tour starts in the middle of the city centre of Amsterdam, at Beursplein. Our guide will lead you trough the city and tell you all the inside stories, show you the most beautiful sites and tell you the most interesting anecdotes. You can choose whether you’ll be taken to the cosy Jordaan area, of the famous red-light district. After all this walking our guide will lead you to an historical site, where you’ll enjoy a delicious high tea, and end ... More Details..

Amsterdam Folksong Tour (from 15 p.)

Dagje Amsterdam Day Programmes, Evening Programmes

Smartlappen Workshop in Amsterdam - de Jordaan

The former working-class area the Jordaan is well known for the folk singers that come from that area. During this tour the neighbourhood will be yours and you will have a lot of fun singing along with the local stars! This tour starts at the Beursplein in Amsterdam; only 5 minutes walk from the central station. Your guide will take you along for a walk to he Jordaan area, and tell you kinds of interesting stories about this remarkable neighbourhood. After this nice ... More Details..

BBQ Boat (from 20 p.)

Dagje Amsterdam Canal Cruises

barbecue boat amsterdam BBQ

Having a barbecue is a great way to cook nice food with a lot of friends, even the Dutch know that. But have you ever barbecued while you were cruising along the canals of Amsterdam? We don’t think so! So book our BBQ boat to take you on a cruise you’ll never forget! Aboard of our BBQ boat you’ll find anything you need for a great meal: a private chef, bread-rolls, sauces, a bar and of course a plate full of well-cooked meat! Who ... More Details..

Shoot ‘m! Treasure Hunt (€ 20,00 p.p. incl. VAT.)

Dagje Amsterdam Treasure Hunt

Activity in Amsterdam

You have probably played a game of paintball before. But we bet you’ve played this in the city centre of Amsterdam! But paint gives such a mess, so we reinvented this game with a photo camera! This exciting game starts at the Beursplein, were your group will be divided into teams. After a short introduction the teams go their way on a quest to ‘shoot’ as many enemies as possible! There’s more to this challenge then only shooting away with your camera, ... More Details..

Jordaan Bicycle tour (€ 19,50 p.p. incl. VAT)

Dagje Amsterdam Bike Tours

Fiets Tour Amsterdam -  - Jordaan fiets tours

Discover the most sung-about area of Amsterdam on a bike! Our guide will take you trough this former working class neighbourhood and show you all the beautiful spots and courtyards in this remarkable area. Our guide will tell you the history of the Jordaan and all about the famous folksong singers that come from this neighbourhood. Of course More Details..